MGHPCC quick facts
  • User charge - 0 (operating costs are fully covered from indirect charges and direct central administration support).
  • MIT dedicated racks - 68.
  • Configuration - Hot-aisle containment pods.
  • Mean power per rack - 14KW.
  • Max power per rack - 25KW.
  • Generator backed - 10 racks in 1 row.
  • Cooling - air recirculation through water in-row chillers.
  • Extra open space for specialized equipment/racks.
  • Zoned for outdoor shipping container systems.
  • Dedicated non-production sandbox area and classroom space.
  • MIT contact - Chris Hill.

The Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center facility is located in Holyoke, MA. It is a joint facility that serves several universities, including M.I.T.

The MGHPCC facility is located in Holyoke, MA about 90 miles to the west of the MIT main campus. The facility is about one hour 45 minutes drive from campus. A bus service operated by Peter Pan from South Station to Springfield connects to a bus that runs to Holyoke. The bus has on board wifi service. The bus terminus in Holyoke is about two blocks from the MGHPCC facility. The MGHPCC staff manage a fee for work remote hands service that tenants can employ to carry out remote tasks on a time and materials cost basis.
MGHPCC Space Request Enquiry Form
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