Moving program details.
The research computing moving program provides logistical support for the physical activity of moving equipment. The support includes
  • Physical moving expenses. The moving program can pay for professional movers to pack and transport systems.
  • Systems support. Resources are available for reconfiguring network and other components of existing systems.
  • Remote staff. Funds are provided for initial fee-for-use remote support costs.
  • Remote operation adjustments. Funds for reasonable modifications needed to ensure adequate remote system management is available.

Purpose built spaces for research computing can relieve space pressure on core campus locations. At the same time they can improve the physical infrastructure for supporting computing at increasing scale, and reduce MIT overall energy and environmental impact.

The research computing moving program provides interested researchers with help locating computer systems in the shared facilities that are available.

If you may be interested in getting help to move equipment to shared facilities you can use the form below to learn more and to request a follow-up analysis of your needs.
Research computing moving enquiry form.
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