Moving program.
The moving program provides logistical and financial support to help researchers get started with the shared, purpose built, physical facilities that are available. Further information on this program can be found here.
Shared facility.
The shared facility analysis activity is exploring whether a fee-for-use facility, tailored to needs of the MIT research community, could provide valuable economies of scale. Further information can be found here.

A 2012 survey of principal investigators at MIT showed that interest in adequate research computing capabilities spanned across all schools at MIT. A response to this survey has been the creation of two activities.
• A moving/relocation project. This provides support for moving equipment to shared facilities.
• An experimental shared facility analysis. This is developing a prototype model for shared, fee-for-use resources.

Campus research computing interest
The MIT Committee on Research Computing surveyed all Institute principal investigators in 2012. The image on the left shows
shows the number of investigators in each campus building with some interest in research computing infrastructure and/or services. The map represents a broad cross-section of MIT research, encompassing every school to some degree. In total around 230 MIT research groups expressed some measure of interest. The moving program project and the shared facility activity are working to address and respond to common strategic interests at an MIT wide level.