Bates quick facts
  • User charges - 0 (operating costs are fully covered from indirect charges and direct central administration support).
  • Number of racks - 70.
  • Configuration - 7 rows of 10 racks each.
  • Average power per rack - 10KW.
  • Max power per rack - 12KW.
  • Battery UPS backup - 10 racks in 1 row, 15 minute coverage.
  • Cooling - in rack-door water heat-exchangers.
  • Modest extra open space for specialized equipment/racks.
  • MIT contact - Chris Hill.

The Bates high-performance research computing facility is operated jointly by the Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS), and the VPR Office. The facility is located in Middleton, MA in a building that is part of the Bates linear accelerator facility that LNS operates.

The Bates High Performance Research Computing Facility is located in Middleton, MA about 22 miles north of the MIT main campus.

Bates Space Request Enquiry Form
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