John Charles
Vice President, IS&T.
Karen Gleason
Associate Provost
Ron Hasseltine
Asst. Provost for Research Admin.
Paul Hsi
Research Computing Lead for Systems. Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Senior Systems Administrator.
Chris Hill
Committee on Research Computing, Director Research Computing Project. Dept. EAPS.
Terry Knight
Committee on Research Computing. Dept. Architecture.
Andrew Lo
Committee on Research Computing. MIT Sloan
Christine Maglio
Administrative Assistant
Brian Mollo
Optical Network Engineer, IS&T
Bob Redwine
Committee on Research Computing, Dept. Physics.
Greg Rutledge
Committee on Research Computing, chair. Dept. Chem Eng
Brian Shannon
Space Planning
Tony Sharon
Deputy Executive Vice President
Mark Silis
Bruce Tidor
Committee on Research Computing. Dept. Biological Engineering and EECS.
John Wright
Plasma Science Fusion Center.
John Williams
Committee on Research Computing. Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maria Zuber
Vice President for Research